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Bristol Post’s big gamble

Anyone interested in layout and the future of newspapers should be intrigued by the redesign of the Bristol Post, see link .

It’s not the first time a paper has dramatically changed its look but I can’t remember one that is more radical.

Editor Mike Norton says the Post will be focusing much more on lifestyle and positive content.

I think that will have an effect on circulation in itself but not as much as its magazine-style, picture-led front page.
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Hi there

I thought this afternoon’s Consortium session went very well indeed and provided students with lots of useful information from industry partners and staff alike as to how to make the most of your time here at CBJ. Thank you to you all for being so enquiring and attentive and please don’t worry too much about the onerous task fo getting a job….that will come but first of all enjoy your course!

And Corazon Garcia wanted me to tell you all that she forgot to say don’t be afraid to live out of a suitcase and a car as she did for two years!!! It pays off in the end.

See you all soon.

Emma Hemmingway

Hi everybody

Hi everybody

Don’t think that you can’t gain knowledge and insight about the grammar of TV and how pictures work together JUST from news. The second years will be developing their visual sequences skills this term and for you in year 3 you need to be thinking creatively for your packages and your feature.

So if you like gardening programmes, house programmes, Come Dine With Me, or whatever it is, all of these use visual sequyences to set up their subjects and to illustrate their points- so watch these programems CRITICALLY- remember there is nothing really new in TV- but you can learn great filming and editing techniques from careful watching…



Welcome from Dr Emma Hemmingway


Hi – I really hope all of you are enjoying your first week of University. If you are a first year or a new MA student let me advise you that to get the very best out of your course, your studies and your life at CBJ you must start to read, watch and listen to news- all kinds of news- regional, local, national, and all kinds of news production…BBC, ITV, Channel 4, SKy- you name it- just consume it and it will make life easier and more productive once you start the course for real.

Emma Hemmingway

Well Done to one of last year’s Guest Speakers!


Paralympic and World 200m Champion Richard Whitehead MBE came to CBJ earlier this year to speak to Sports Journalism students and he is now back in the news after completing “the most amazing feat for a man with no feet” – his words not ours.

Double amputee Richard, a long time friend of CBJ lecturer Andrew James, completed 38 marathons in 42 days running from John O’Groats to Land’s End raising up to one million pounds for charity.

Well done Richard and we look forward to welcoming you back to CBJ next year.

See the whole story here with video from BBC Nottingham’s news pages.

Welcome from Andrew James

Welcome everyone to our CBJ banter page.

Whether you are new to us or well established in your studies here, we hope to provide comment and opinion that you can draw on and we want your input around topics worthy of discussion.

Keep it light hearted and don’t have my office colleague Barry Turner chasing you for legal breaches! But most of all – enjoy!

58144_10150096109122589_7904818_n You can follow me on Twitter @andrewjamescbj for news from Nottingham Trent University’s award winning Centre for Broadcasting and Journalism and @andrewjames0511 for my BBC TV/ football reporter page.

To start us off on a light hearted note – any footy fans tell me which ground I am at in the photo ?