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CBJbanterWelcomeToBanterHedingInIntroThis is a blog by staff at CBJ that we’re hoping will be full of stuff to make you think – about news – about university life – and about what ever pops into our heads at the time! Your role is to get involved.  We welcome your comments. What do you think about the latest post? Let us know and let’s get some interesting discussions going!


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  1. emma hemmingway says :


    I really hope all of you are enjoying your first week of University. If you are a first year or a new MA student let me advise you that to get the very best out of your course, your studies and your life at CBJ you must start to read, watch and listen to news- all kinds of news- regional, local, national, and all kinds of news production…BBC, ITV, Channel 4, SKy- you name it- just consume it and it will make life easier and more productive once you start the course for real.
    Emma Hemmingway

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