Bristol Post’s big gamble

Anyone interested in layout and the future of newspapers should be intrigued by the redesign of the Bristol Post, see link .

It’s not the first time a paper has dramatically changed its look but I can’t remember one that is more radical.

Editor Mike Norton says the Post will be focusing much more on lifestyle and positive content.

I think that will have an effect on circulation in itself but not as much as its magazine-style, picture-led front page.

Newspaper readers tend to be conservative, certainly in the regions. If the Wolverhampton Express and Star – the biggest selling provincial paper – is anything to go by, they like lots of old fashioned news and the look of the product itself to be fairly straightforward.

This is a big gamble and one that many newspaper aficionados will hope pays off. However, lots more will have their doubts.

The latest circulation figures released last month showed Bristol Post sales dipping below 30,000 after recording a double digit (that’s more than 10 per cent) decrease in readers.

If the comments at the bottom of the Hold the Front Page story are anything to go by, then those sales could be dropping a whole lot more over the next few months.


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