Don’t just sit there – get involved!

So that’s it! Summer’s over and it’s back to work for everyone. But that shouldn’t be a reason for feeling flat – in fact it’s a reason to gear yourself up to get your future on the right track and here’s why.

Whether you’re print or broadcast, first/second/third years or even postgraduates the opportunities you get at CBJ can set you up for a great future.

Take third year BJ Adam Roberts. Last Spring when our Chancellor Sir Michael Parkinson offered CBJ students the chance to watch his Sky Arts programme being recorded Adam jumped at the chance and signed up for every session. As well giving students the chance to watch a master interviewer at work, Sir Michael invited our students to after-show drinks so they could meet him, the star interviewees and the people who put the programme together. Very showbiz!

But it was at these events that Adam got to know some of the Sky production team and they told him about an opportunity coming up to act as a runner on Sky Sport on Saturdays…. So now Adam will be spending his Saturdays as a runner for Sky Sports, learning from experts and most importantly making contacts that could lead to a great job when he graduates.

Ultimately it’s all about contacts and that’s where CBJ gives students added value by having a great range of people in the industry to help with placements and to inspire students – sometimes in ways they wouldn’t expect.

Print graduate William Taylor (2012) always thought he would be happiest as a sports writer – that was until the sessions in his final year when he began doing feature writing. This led to him thinking more about writing for magazines and now he’s Features Writer on Essex Style Magazine. ‘When I was at university I always saw myself as the next big football reporter,’ he says. ‘ Instead, I ended up interviewing Amy Childs!’.

And this coming year with Notts TV moving in to CBJ, with guest editors helping on news days, with a huge range of guest speakers from across the media, there will be lots of chances for everyone at CBJ to be inspired to try something different and to make contacts they would normally not get the opportunity to meet. It’s all there – all you have to do is get involved!


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