Judge named and shamed

Helping hand: Walter Greenwood

Helping hand: Walter Greenwood

Budding court reporters hopefully enjoyed Mandy’s tribute to former McNae’s co-author Walter Greenwood on cbjbanter.

The part that may have particularly resonated was at the end where she highlighted his wish to help journalists stand up to bumptious court officials.

This was the focus of a great article a couple of weeks ago on Hold the Front Page – see link below – about a reporter’s fight to get hold of a judge’s first name.

Many CBJ students will have seen lots of barristers and judges with huge egos who love to see their name in print.But there are occasions when finding out someone’s name proves problematic. You should try asking an usher (the one who tells everyone to stand up when the judge comes in), the clerk (who usually sits in front of the judge) or someone on the press bench. The Nottingham Post’s Rebecca Sherdley is usually very helpful – she might even tell you how to write the story.

As the comment at the end of the HTFP story says, what the Argus reporter should have done – and what you can easily do – was Google the name of the judge to find her first name. Try doing it for barristers and solicitors as well.

If you don’t get first names you won’t be able to use one of my favourite intros which goes along the lines of Tough-talking judge Dave Welford told a football hooligan he was the biggest piece of plant life he’d ever seen.

For more free legal advice consult m’learned friends Mandy and Barry Turner, or one of the practical tutors.

Take a look at the full story at holdthefrontpage.co.uk


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