Leveson is back in the news

Plans to regulate the press are back in the news after reports that the newspaper industry’s plan for a new system of press regulation (IPSO) has been rejected by a sub-committee of senior ministers in the Privy Council.

The full Privy Council is due to make a decision on the Royal Charter requested by the PressBoF (Press Board of Finance) for a new press regulator on 9 October.

There’s clearly a considerable gap between the original charter proposals backed by the three main political parties – which also enjoys wider public support – and the industry’s proposed model of enhanced self-regulation.

The industry submitted its own proposals after arguing that the royal charter system agreed by the main political parties in response to the Leveson report on press standards was too restrictive.

However attempts are being made to find a compromise between the two parties, so watch this space.

Another interesting angle on this very contentious debate is that Lord Justice Leveson is appearing before the Culture Media and Sport Select Committee this week (10.30 on Thursday 10 October) to answer questions on press regulation. You can watch proceedings live on the splendid BBC Democracy Website at:


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