Police Communications expert Matt Tapp a big hit with Media Matters Students


Almost one hundred first year Media Matters students were treated to a fascinating insight into the world of policing and communications on Wednesday by one of the country’s leading consultants Matt Tapp.

Matt is now in charge of communications for the South Yorkshire force ahead of the forthcoming Hillsborough Re-Enquiry, but gave his time to discuss cases he had worked on including Maddie McCann’s disappearance, the Holly and Jessica murders in Soham and the Jersey Childrens’ Home allegations.

Students looked on intently as Matt outlined the ways in which the police and media “use” each other to satisfy their mutual needs of column inches and reports, alongside the police objective of “flushing out” killers like Ian Huntley at Soham.

Best question from the students was an enquiry as to whether or not Matt ever had a day off! The answer apparently was yes, but the last one was in 2011!

Well done to all who attended so attentively and good luck with the seminar task.


Andrew James (Media Matters Seminar Lecturer)


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Broadcaster and Lecturer in Broadcast Journalism. Currently reporting football for BBC TV and UEFA.com.

One response to “Police Communications expert Matt Tapp a big hit with Media Matters Students”

  1. emma hemmingway says :

    I would just like to endorse all that Andrew has already written- can I also point out that Matt Tapp is a leading media consultant and to every other university he visits he charges around £500 an hour for his talks- he comes to us for free- because he says he is so impressed with CBJ- a very great honour for us and thank you to all of you who thanked him personally afterwards- a very nice and professional touch!

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