Adam’s anniversary delight

Italian job? Adam Civico

Italian job? Adam Civico

CBJ old boy Adam Civico is celebrating a year at the helm of the Shetland Times.

The Sheffield Wednesday fan who hails from South Yorkshire did a placement at the Barnsley Chronicle when he studied MA Newspaper Journalism in 2002-3. He impressed them enough to get a job as a junior reporter.

After becoming a senior reporter he was appointed assistant news editor before landing the assistant editor’s job in 2009. He was last year appointed to his first editor’s role.The 35-year-old said: “Plenty of people thought moving to Shetland was a strange decision but it has been a fantastic – if busy – first year as editor.

“Anyone who thought we would struggle for stories clearly knows nothing about Shetland.

“The biggest of the year was the fatal helicopter crash off Shetland in August. It was a challenge for a small team going up against the major news networks.

“But the Shetland Times coverage was excellent and we were the first newspaper to speak to one of the survivors.

“On a lighter note other memorable stories include the arrival of Shetland’s first escort girl called Honey and the coastguard rescue – of a sheepdog.”

Adam said that it had been great fun settling in Shetland, having seals for neighbours, messing around on fantastic beaches most weekends and experiencing the Up-Helly-A’ Viking fire festival for the first time. “Sheffield Wednesday fans are thin on the ground, though,” he added.

He has fond memories of CBJ. “I cringe when I recall my first efforts at writing what I thought were news stories, but it didn’t take Dave Welford long to knock me into shape. It was an excellent course that set me up for a career in newspapers.

“I still remember the valuable lessons I learnt in Nottingham. Things like writing an intro, subbing stories and why it’s important to know where you can get a good pint. Happy reporting.”


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