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Remembering those who are prepared to give their todays for our tomorrows..

STANDING in the CBJ newsroom just a few moments ago with group of students for an impromptu two-minutes silence I couldn’t help but consider the irony of how, on the eve of this weekend’s Remebrance Sunday celebrations, for the first time in history a British soldier has been found guilty of war crimes.
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Sky Sports News’ Andy Cairns: ‘Journalism is at the top of our agenda’

As the channel marks its 15th birthday, its executive editor discusses why it has been a hit and how it is backing women

By  of The Guardian, Sunday 3 November 2013 18.15 GMT

Andy Cairns, head of Sky Sports News

Andy Cairns says the Sky Sports News has built a trusted brand. (News Photograph: Justin Downing/BSkyB)

There was a time when sports news knew its place: the scores and groin strain updates, before knocking the mud off its boots and shuffling back to its Saturday afternoon ghetto.
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