Magazine Dragons’ Den: Women’s Tri triumphs

Women's TriWomen’s Tri, the magazine aimed at an ‘overlooked’ readership of triathlon fans, has scored its own triumph by winning the CBJ Dragons’ Den competition.

The idea, pitched by MA Magazine Journalism students Alyss Bowen, Sergio Pereira and Sophie Turner, beat off challenges from rival groups to be chosen by the Dragons as the one most likely to succeed in the market.

Panel chairwoman Stephanie Sparrow said Women’s Tri was clearly targeted and that the detailed research the team had conducted would ” give investors great confidence”.

“The idea was original and we were impressed by the way the students defended their ideas when challenged, based on their research,” she added. “They had specific content ideas that would appeal to women, clearly rebutting the suggestion that there was no market for a women-specific triathlon magazine.”

The judges praised the other two pitches, couples magazine Spoon and Cast, a business-to-business magazine for people working in musical theatre, for their strong content ideas and innovative approach.

One of the interesting things this project generated was the debate about whether a magazine can be too niche to be viable – that is, so narrowly aimed at one set of readers that it fails to attract advertisers in sufficient numbers. It is something the publishing industry is grappling with and some more top industry people shared their views on it in their comments on the Dragons’ Den pitches here.

Thanks to all who commented  and tweeted about the project.

Women’s Tri will be produced by all of the students on the MA/PGDip Magazine Journalism course in April.

Dragons (seated l to r) Tom O’Rourke, Stephanie Sparrow and Nick Bannister with students on the MA/PGDip Magazine Journalism course, CBJ




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